If it’s free, it’s me. A DTV coat hanger antenna.

February 21, 2009
My DTV antenna

Coat hanger antenna. It isn't pretty, but it works.

When I first moved to Vancouver, I was considering getting a full HD Cable package from Shaw Cable. But the HD box was around $400, not to mention the monthly charges. For the amount of TV that I watch, it just wasn’t worth it. Most of the content that I want to watch is available online to download, which I can stream through my Xbox 360.  That setup has served me well, except for live events; mainly news and sports.  Recently I came across a project on Make TV that showed you how to build an antenna capable of receiving over-the-air HDTV programming.

The antenna is built from six wire coat hangers, a piece of wood, some screws with washers and a 75-300 ohm transformer. What self-respecting geek could possibly pass up building a home made antenna from coat hangers?

I was hoping to use a piece of wood from an abandoned shipping pallet sitting in the alley beside my building but the salvageable pieces from that would have been an inch or two too short to use. So I broke down and bought some wood.

75-300 ohm transformer

75-300 ohm transformer

The 75-300 ohm transformer is the only part that you probably don’t have laying around the house or local hardware store. They sell it for $4.99 at Circuit City, but I scored one for $1.00 at a local dollar store. It has spade connectors on one end that connects to the coat hangers on the antenna and a female F connector on the other end to hook up to your TV.

Here in Vancouver the local TV stations all broadcast from the top of Mount Seymour. The digital channels are broadcast in UHF, which this antenna is designed to receive. My apartment faces the mountain, with the top just visible over some of the taller buildings downtown. After building the antenna and plugging it in indoors, I was only able to receive HD CBC. When I put it outside on my balcony, I was able to grab the other two HD stations: CTV and Global.

HD Jeopardy action.

HD Jeopardy action.

Want to build your own? Check out these videos and plans:



Here’s some info about Mount Seymour broadcasting:



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